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Surprisingly good business education.

Get ready for eight weeks of learning that will change your business, career, & life forever. Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but the point is: our bootcamps are darn good.

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The best bootcamp you've ever taken, or your money back.

  • Two weekly sessions that provide you with the theory and practice for each topic.
  • Hosted by startup veteran and Navigate founder, Pedro Sostre.
  • No-BS style, gets to the point quickly and doesn't let you get bored.
I 100% recommend this bootcamp to any  entrepreneur. You get a rundown of important topics across a series of value-packed one-hour sessions. You'll receive tactical tips and specific answers to questions that you and your cohort have. Each topic has both a class and workshop component so that the concepts come to life. And last but not least, you get to see what other awesome entrepreneurs are working on
Jess Tully - Palmpress
Your personality is hilarious - keeps us entertaining and never a dull moment. I appreciate your honesty and "realness". Pedro cares! Thank you for your time, energy and efforts to share your knowledge with us.
Alice Kim - PerfectDD
Pedro is an extremely knowledgeable person in all areas of marketing. He's very engaging and a great instructor/leader. He makes the boot camps fun and interesting - I was never bored. I also REALLY appreciate that he's actually walked the walk and had his own e-commerce business. I'm usually skeptical to learn from someone who only has worked for agencies or a marketing role for a large company. Pedro is the real deal.
Lauren Fortune - Goods & Services
Our Topics

What do you want to improve?

Experience compelling topics presented in two weekly sessions - the first is theory and strategy, then, a hands-on workshop to bring all the theory into practice.
Winning Pay-Per-Click Strategies & Tactics
Join us for this 8-week bootcamp and learn how to drive scalable leads and sales through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
Starting October 6th
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E-commerce Masterclass Sprint
This Masterclass is a 7-week sprint that takes you from branding to financial projections to influencers, and helps you level up your e-commerce sales ASAP.
Starting November 3rd
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