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5-Week Masterclass Sprint

8-Week Go To Market
Strategy Bootcamp

A framework for startup positioning & growth.

Starts November 3! Join us for 5-weeks of fun and comprehensive learning that delivers everything you need to create a successful ecommerce business.
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Theory + Workshop

Our unique Theory + Workshop model teaches you what you need to know on each topic in session 1 each week, while diving in and getting hands-on in real time in the workshop session. It's a one-two punch that really works.

Live Sessions

This is not a pre-recorded set of videos with no interaction. Each session is live and you are encouraged to introduce yourself, interact, and build your network with other founders while you learn.

No B.S. Content

We know how busy you are. That's why each class is direct, to the point, and designed to give you actionable tips that take your business to a new level every week. It's one of the few zoom calls you'll look forward to each week.

The Schedule

Take your startup to a new level in just 8 weeks.

Getting an ecommerce store up and running is only the first step of launching a successful business online. In this uniquely formatted masterclass, you'll learn actionable strategies to exponentially increase your ecommerce sales.
Week 1: March 30th
How to Position and Sell Your Product or Service Like the Pros
A proper go to market strategy is critical to your success. When done properly it provides a framework for success and answers questions like: Who should we target first? How much should we be spending on ads? And, what channels (PPC, SEO, Social, etc) should we use to drive sales?

Using the Navigate framework that's driven over $100M in revenue for early stage startups, we'll dissect how to create a tactical action plan to improve sales, launch new products, re-launch your brand, or move existing businesses into new markets.
Week 2: April 6th
Establishing Your Vision
What impact do you hope to have in the world through this company? What drives you to solve this problem for people? This is not about specific products or solutions - this is bigger than that.

We'll learn how to define a big picture vision statement that describes the future position of the company.
Week 3: April 13th
Positioning and Your Current Reality
What impact do you hope to have in the world through this company? Let's put some numbers against that vision you just defined in the previous week. This is where you create some concrete goals and think about your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). What data points are important to you?

Pick the ones that matter for your business and start to establish some milestones that you expect to reach by end of year 3 and end of year 5.
Week 4: April 20th
Key Transactions and Monthly Milestones
What “micro-steps” need to happen to move your KPIs? Improving KPIs is a process and it starts here.

Key transactions are the “micro-steps” that need to happen in order to create progress on your Key Performance Indicators. If “New Customers” is your KPI, what needs to happen in order to drive a new customer? You may not know all these yet, but start thinking in this way, it will help you identify new key transactions as they arise organically.
Week 5: April 27th
Personas and Value Matrix Messaging
How do you solve the pain points for your customers? What is Value Matrix Messaging (and why should you care?)

We’re not here to write cutesy ad copy, we are creating messaging that directly connects your persona’s pain points with the benefits you provide.

We'll introduce a framework to create the messaging that you can  use on your website, brochures, ads, etc.
What is Value Matrix Messaging (and why should you care?)
Week 6: May 4th
Understanding Your Sales Cycle
Being able to sell your product or service is arguably more important than the product itself.

We'll review different types of sales cycles, how they impact your business model and growth path, and then help figure out which one is right for you. If you already have a sales cycle figured out, then we'll focus on how to optimize and get the most out of the methods you're using.
Week 7: May 11th
Distribution Channels (Where Should You Spend Your Money?)
Maybe the most common question we answer is: Where should I advertise?

Facebook, Google, SEO, Influencers, Hulu, Tiktok --  everyone is telling you they are the best choice to spend your ad dollars -- how do you know where to start?

We'll outline the framework we use to evaluate which channels can be the most effective and outline what you can expect, how much you should expect to spend, and how to know when it's time to test or expand to other channels.
Week 8: May 18th
Live Workshops & Show and Tell
By this point in the bootcamp, many of you will have tried the techniques and will either have questions or you'll want to show off the results of your efforts.

This will be an open week to do a final review, answer any lingering questions, or just show us what you've accomplished!
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