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5 things Founders should be aware of when selling.

Things to remember when selling your product to an interested lead

These came from a sales call we witnessed with one of our founders selling to another company. 

Here are a few things you may want to remember when selling your product to an interested Lead.

  1. Find the important questions:  

Asking the right questions to find out if a lead may be the right audience for your service is essential.

For a product-based business, ask questions that give you information about the type of user that wants your product can be great for better adjusting your user personas

  1. Not asking too many questions

You want to ask relevant questions that give you information for the outcome you want.

When on a call or creating a form for a prospect, don’t ask for more than necessary. Asking for more than necessary on a form can steeply lower completion rates.

  1. Focusing on the one thing

    Once you’ve asked the right questions, if someone’s a right fit they’ll tell you their problems.

    Focus on that one thing and drill into it. The more you can drill into their pain point, the more they’ll feel like you're a perfect fit.

  1. Be aware of your pacing:

    Too fast can come off as Nervous. Too slow can come off as boring.

Find a middle ground in your pace when pitching.


  1. Be Excited in your Product:

    For some, while trying to be relaxed we sometimes can forget to still show expressions and excitement for our product

    Consciously people respond to your expressions.

If you show your belief in what you do, others will begin to do the same.

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